What are Google Ad Grants?


In short, it's a free advertising budget for your charity to show up in Google searches. Google gives you £8000+ of advertising credit. Every single month. Find out more below:

Pay Per Click Advertising


When a business advertises on Google, each time someone clicks on their Ad, Google charges them a small fee. This platform is called Google Ads.

$10,000 Google Ads Credit for Charities


The Google Ad Grant gives eligible charities $10,000 per month (around £8,250) of free advertising credit, so instead of paying to advertise, each click eats away at this credit.

It renews every month


If you reach $10,000 your adverts will stop showing, so you'll never be charged for advertising on an Ad Grants account. As long as your account remains compliant, you'll get a fresh $10,000 to spend every month. But, if you don't spend all of your credit, it doesn't roll over.

How does it work?

We identify keywords and write adverts relating to your cause.


These adverts are linked to relevant pages on your website, like your donation page, or campaign pages.


When your ad is clicked, Google deducts the ad fee from your credit.


You get enough ad credit to send thousands of new visitors to your website each month.


Google shows your ad to people searching for your advert keywords.


When your target audience searches for your keywords, your advert is displayed to them right at the top of their screen.


We keep your account compliant and track how effective each advert is.


We write more adverts like the ones performing well and cancel the ones that aren't.


Is my charity eligible?

If you're based in the UK, the eligibility guidelines are pretty simple. You must:

 Be a registered charity

 Be a non-discriminatory organisation

 Have a high quality website with clear navigation

 Not be a government entity, hospital, school or academic institution​

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