Ad Grants benefits.

Let’s change the world.

More visibility. More donations. More volunteers. That’s what comes from sharing your message with the people who are most likely to engage.


Free Google Ads marketing budget

With a £100,000 per year free marketing budget, finally your charity can have the financial clout you’ve always dreamed of to promote your cause.


Compete with the biggest brands

Get noticed! No matter how big or small your charity is, you can get your adverts shown right next to the best known names in your sector.


Recruit more volunteers and supporters

Google Ad Grants shows your ads to people searching for charities like yours, and helps you reach people who were previously unaware of your cause. 


Increase donations through online giving

Google Ad Grants makes it easier for people to donate to your cause. And the easier it is for them to donate, the more likely they will.


Communicate campaigns

Your advice and support in front of those that need it the most. You can share your message across the country or just focus on people near you. It's up to you.




Whether you're promoting an awareness day, or inspiring supporters for a sponsored event, your message can reach an extra 5,000+ people every month.

See how Google Ad Grants helps non-profits around the world drive awareness, attract donations, recruit volunteers and much more.

Ad Grants impact.

An average person makes 3-4 Google searches every single day. What could your charity do with a £100,000 per year marketing budget to connect those searches to your cause?

You could attract an extra 5,000+ new visitors to your site every month. But the important part is what happens next. Turning those visitors into donations, volunteers, supporters, and service users.

We get the most value out of your Ad Grant by aligning your account structure and ad copy to your goals. Putting your message in front of the right people at the right time. Whether your aim is to create awareness, drive event signups, or grow your email list, we identify the ads that have the most impact, not just the ones that attract the most visitors.


“Over 20,000 visits to our website within the last year (92% of which were new visitors) purely through Google Ads.”

Casey Long, Managing Director, The Chance Theatre

Case studies.

How Ad Grants have helped charities like yours.

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