Our service.

Our team are experts at performing keyword maintenance, streamlining ad groups and campaigns, and optimising your bids and performance based on goal conversions, ensuring you get the most from your grant, and the most from your supporters. 

Ad Grants account management.


From start to finish it only takes around 3 hours of your time to get your Ad Grants account set up and displaying Ads.

Ad Grants application

Guaranteed Ad Grants approval - We will guide you through the Ad Grants application process for FREE. Our account management fees only begin once your Ad Grant has been approved.

We manage the process, start a new application for you, finish an existing application, or reactivate a suspended account.

Website content audit

We audit your website to identify key themes and strong content relating to your goals, objectives, campaigns, and services.

A successful Ad Grants strategy links your adverts closely to your website content. This means that when a user clicks on an advert, the content they find is matched very closely to what they are looking for.

Keyword research and optimisation

We research words and phrases that are related to your charity, cause, mission, campaigns, and goals. These keywords are linked to each of your ads, so when a user searches for one of these keywords, a relevant ad is shown to them. The right keywords get your ads in front of the right users, and maximise the number of clicks each ad gets.

We use advanced tools and historical search data to predict how your keywords will perform.

Google Ads setup

We setup a new Google Ads account, create your campaigns and goals, set your ad groups and write your ads, and integrate Google Analytics to track the impact. If you've already got an Ad Grant, we'll review your account structure and bring it in line with best practice.

Then your ads will go through a  streamlined sign-off / approval process before going live, so you're always happy with the way your brand is being positioned online.

Ad Grants account management

The Google Ad Grant isn't something that you can just set up and leave. Not only is having a well, and regularly managed account one of Google's compliance criteria, but it makes sure that your charity is getting the most benefit from the Ad Grant.

Active account management also means that we're writing new ads as you launch campaigns, or to make the most of special events and awareness days.

Ad Grants account compliance


We carry out weekly compliance checks on your account to keep it within Google's parameters of quality, and avoid your account being suspended.

We manage all of your running ads to maintain a 5% click through rate, monitor keywords to pause those with low ad-relevance or a quality score below 3, and make sure that every ad group maintains at least 2 running ads.


Working with us.

At OurAmbition, we’ve walked in our customers' shoes, and we know Google Ad Grants are a minefield of confusing terminology. That’s why we speak like the experienced and compassionate business partner we wish we’d had way back when. 



We believe that nobody achieves greatness through indifference. That's why we only work with people and causes we believe in. We don't like to think of ourselves as an outside agency working for you. We are emotionally invested in your success and think of ourselves as a part of your team. And because we care, we do the job so much better.


Our fees.

We aim to charge you as little as possible. Our fees start from just £300 per month - a fair price that leaves us motivated, and you comfortable.


We don’t charge you anything for applying to the Google Ad Grant on your behalf. In the unlikely event that your Ad Grant application is declined, we can re-apply for you, or if you prefer you can walk away with nothing to pay. But this has never happened yet - we’ve got a 100% record in securing the Ad Grant for our clients.


No risk.


We don’t have any long tie ins, just a simple monthly rolling agreement that you can leave at any time.


Your accounts and data are yours. If you decide you want to leave us, we’ll hand your Ad Grant account back over to you exactly how it is. Your Ad Grant account and all the content that we create for it (campaigns, ad-groups, adverts, and keywords) is owned by you after cancellation.


No surprises.


We charge you a monthly fixed fee for our Ad Grant account management services, based on the amount of work that we estimate will be involved in looking after you month to month.


If you ask us to carry out work on your account which will take significantly longer than this, or is beyond the scope of our monthly account management, we may agree an additional one-off fee with you for this. We’ll always give you an alternative to this, and let you know how much of this work we could do within our agreed monthly fee.


Ask us how we can help your charity to make the most of a Google Ad Grant